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Dugong Mascot Design Open Call

The NMoQ Mascot

Earlier this year, in celebration of the National Museum of Qatar's first anniversary, we launched a special mascot competition based on the dugong, a shy marine mammal that holds cultural and environmental significance in Qatar. And the winner is: Choy Salonga, a designer from the Philippines who is a resident of Qatar. An experienced mascot designer and illustrator, Salonga was encouraged by friends and family to participate.   

“In designing the mascot, I set out to distinguish the dugong from other sea mammals who share similar characteristics. I also incorporated the rose motif into its flippers as the rose is a symbol that inspired the museum's architecture. I was surprised to find out that I had won the winning design as I knew many talented illustrators would enter. This is a major competition and it's exciting to know that my design will be used to represent the National Museum of Qatar."  - Choy Salonga  

See more of the mascot designs we received.

Salonga’s design of the mascot was selected based on its creativity, originality, aesthetics, and connection to the key themes of sustainability and heritage.  The design also met all of the competition criteria, which included requirements, such as creating a unique concept, promoting the importance of an eco-friendly lifestyle, relevant to Qatar culture and society, professionally designed with high standards of artistry, creativity, and innovation.  

“We thank each of the participants for their brilliant submissions in response to the open call. The high quality of submissions made it a tough process to select the ultimate winner, but in the end, we felt that Choy's design best encapsulated both the essence of these fascinating sea mammals and the museum's core commitment to securing a greener future. We would like to extend congratulations to Choy for his winning design, and we look forward to unveiling our mascot in the coming months." - Sheikha Amna bint Abdull Aziz Al Thani, Director of NMoQ 

The winning mascot design is now part of the museum’s living identity and will be featured in educational programmes, publications, online and in promotional activities outside the museum space.   

Learn more about dugongs in the exhibition Seagrass Tales, Dugong Trails, presented at NMoQ until 1 September in collaboration with ExxonMobil Research Qatar