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Let’s color and preserve our Dugong!

Did you know? The Arabian Gulf is home to the world’s second largest population of dugong

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Learn about Qatar’s dhows and see them in detail in 3D.

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Time for Colouring and Story Writing!

Download our colouring sheets showing a scene of life with local people practicing their daily activities and lives.

Imagine you are one of the people in the picture. Then, write a story describing one of the obstacles you have to face and how you overcame it.

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Creativity inside a box

Channel your inner designer with ‘Creativity Inside a Box’. You can create your very own home using the cutouts in the activity sheet. All you have to do is print this activity sheet in any size then draw, cut, fold and glue the space of your dreams. 

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Let’s colour, Life in al barr (the desert)

Long before the discovery of oil, citizens of Qatar travelled around al Barr (the desert), experiencing environmental harshness and varying weather conditions. During the 1950s a visiting Danish photographer captured a variety of images depicting the life of the people in the desert.

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Art Educational Kit

Spend quality time this winter with your family, bring an exciting learning experience and get ready to be creative!  

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Let's Colour

Are you ready to drive a luxurious Rolls-Royce, elegant Chevrolet or powerful Ford? Get behind the wheel and pick some colors to customize your very own car.

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Story time

Dive into this underwater adventure with Siernia and learn about the importance of keeping our ocean safe for all animals.

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