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Arabic and English


National Museum of Qatar

Museum Park St

Doha, Qatar

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Tel: +974 4452 5555

Email: infonmoq@qm.org.qa

Learn about Qatar’s history and culture through educational games inspired by Qatari traditions.

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Programmes are divided by school grades:

For Grades 1 – 3: Taq Taq Taqieh

Students will learn the steps and the song of “Taq Taqieh” one the most popular traditional games in Qatar Students will then create a taqieh (hat) using paper and coloured pencils.

For Grades 4 – 6: Bu Darya & the Pearl Divers

Students will design their very own snakes and ladders board game inspired by diving culture in Qatar. Although the original game is based on luck, this updatedversion also tests the player's knowledge of pearl diving.

For Grades 7 – 12: Trace and Track

Students will learn the significance and fundamentals of documentation. This workshop will help students build creative documenting skills that are important for individuals and society as a whole.