Mal Lawal 3

Past Exhibition

Mal Lawal is a biennial exhibition that invites private collectors to display highlights from their collections. In its third edition, Mal Lawal serves as a space for private collectors to become active participants in Qatar’s cultural landscape.

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The exhibition features 26 collectors and a diverse range of objects, including manuscripts, weapons, maps, coins, ethnographic and heritage items, jewellery, clothing, accessories and vintage cars. Four of the participating collectors are given a special highlight in this year’s exhibition.

Mal Lawal has evolved into a platform that transcends museum walls to record local heritage, enhance best practices and promote collectors, along with their knowledge and experience, across Qatar. Through digital platforms, the Al Barzah Forum and various private initiatives, Mal Lawal fosters dialogue between the collector and the museum community

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Mal Lawal 3 Cars

Cars gradually began to have a larger presence in Qatar in the mid-1950s. During this time, cars were mainly imported and acquired with the intent to facilitate the activities of everyday life. For some, this was a turning point in the country’s social history. 

The excitement generated by the new experiences cars provided was soon transformed into a passion for collecting cars. 

Many people collect cars to document and preserve pivotal moments in the nation’s history, evoke a sense of nostalgia and establish a collection of exclusive classic cars. 

Mal Lawal 3 Cars showcases the private collections of two esteemed Qatari car collectors: Mr Salem Saeed Al Mohannadi and Mr Omar Hussain Alfardan.

A shot of 1963 vintage Rolls Royce with a bright red sheen and gold details around the bumper and roof

A 1963 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III, loaned to Mal Lawal 3 by ©Letbelah, the private museum of Mr Omar Hussain Alfardan

Collections are sets of objects, and, like all other sets of objects, they are an act of the imagination, […] a metaphor intended to create meanings which help to make individual identity and each individual’s view of the world.

Susan Pearce, Professor Emeritus of Museum Studies, Leicester University  

Virtual Exhibition

The Mal Lawal 3 virtual exhibition on Google Arts and Culture explores the reasons behind why people collect, highlighting the sentimental aspect of collecting as well as its importance to the community. Featured collecting practices range from the recreational to the professional, and images showcase personal collections located within the homes of several collectors.

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Celebrating Collectors in our Community

The passion for collecting and the effort to safeguard the past are at the heart of Mal Lawal 3. Local collectors embed emotions, memories, meanings and values within their objects. These objects and collections narrate personal and local stories, while highlighting collecting practices and acting as a catalyst for inspiration, exchange, and collaboration.