Olafur Eliasson: Film Screening and Panel Discussion

Past Event

Join us for a screening of a two-part film documenting the creation of renowned artist Olafur Eliasson’s public artwork and exhibition in Qatar.

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The event aims to provide an overview of Eliasson’s artistic practice and generate conversations around public art, ecological awareness, and how we perceive and co-create our environments.

Part 1: Shadows travelling on the sea of day

The first film explores Olafur Eliasson’s site-specific installation Shadows travelling on the sea of the day located in the desert just north of Al Zubarah, Qatar. The film delves into the artist’s exploration of perception and its impact on our understanding of reality. Through his artistic practice, Eliasson works with ephemeral materials, such as the interplay between daylight and shadows, to connect visitor’s movement with time and the natural environment.

Part 2: The curious desert

The second film explores Olafur Eliasson’s exhibition titled The curious desert, which serves as his first solo exhibition in the Gulf region. The exhibition looks at Eliasson’s experimentation with light and colour, geometric studies, ecological awareness, and the exploration of more-than-human relationships. It is a two-part exhibition, consisting of site-specific installations in the sabka near the Al Thakhira Mangrove in Northern Qatar, and an extensive gallery presentation at the National Museum of Qatar.


Evangelia Patmali - Exhibition Researcher at the National Museum of Qatar.


Jack Taylor -Interim Director Media Majlis, Northwestern Qatar.

Khalifa Al Thani - Exhibitions Manager, Doha Film Institute.

Hadeer Omar - New media artist, designer and educator.

Lana Daher - Film Director.

Bouthayna Baltaji - Curator of "The curious desert" exhibition.