the ai digital centre at the national museum of qatar

AI Digital Centre

Embrace the fusion of art, culture, museums and technology at our new AI Digital Centre.

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We're on a mission to ignite creativity and innovation among Qatar's youth. Join us in our newest community space, located on the first floor of the museum, to explore hands-on artificial intelligence and other digital activities that bridge the gap between culture, heritage and technology.

Featured Programme

Teen Takeover Tech

Teen Takeover Tech is here! Brace yourself for a dynamic array of thrilling tech programs crafted by the upcoming generation of digital trailblazers.

From coding workshops to video game development, our expert teenagers and tech enthusiasts aim to turn the AI Digital Centre into a vibrant hub of creativity and learning. Let's explore the limitless possibilities of technology in museums together!

School Workshops

Embark on a thrilling exploration of Qatar's heritage within the virtual realms at the AI Digital Center, NMoQ. Our school workshops offer a blended museum experience tailored for school teachers and their students aged 8 to 18. Delve into the world of Computer Science as we recount stories of the past using the language of the present. Join us in an immersive experience, where education intertwines with boundless creativity! Programming workshops and electronic gaming experiences await, providing an engaging and enriching environment for all participants. This recurring event runs from April 16 to June 13, from 9.30am to 12pm.

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