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The Park

About the Park

The Park at the National Museum of Qatar includes playgrounds, the Desert Rose Café, several public artworks, a lagoon and two large kiosks with amenities including prayer rooms, washrooms and cafés.

The NMoQ park is open 24 hours.

Heritage Garden

The Heritage Garden is located within the Museum Park and consists of a selection of native Qatari plants, including:

  • Blepharis ciliaris

  • Plantago amplexicaulis

  • Heliotropium curravicum

  • Rumex vesicarius

  • Hammada elegans

  • Aerva javanica

  • Cymbopogon commutatus

  • Senna italica

Children’s Playground

Cave of Wonders
In certain places in Qatar, the ground suddenly drops away into a deep cave called a sinkhole or dahl.

Children can explore a realistic representation of an underground rocky cave and simply wander freely, discovering places to climb, crawl and hide amongst the rocks and encountering strange glowing rocks, carvings in the rock faces, artifacts hidden in the sand, bats hanging from the ceiling and a giant gecko climbing up the wall.

Nakilat Adventure Ship
The Nakilat Adventure Ship playground is constructed like the wreck of a traditional Qatari boat.

During their exploration, children can learn about sailing, pearling, fishing, and trading. Through stories and songs, cargo and treasure, and through interactive play opportunities, children absorb Qatari history and culture.

Energy Playground  
Coming Soon!

On 1 October 2020, Qatar Museums finalised an agreement with Total E&P Qatar to sponsor the Energy Playground, which will open at our museum during the second half of 2022. The Energy Playground will provide a unique experience for families to learn more about energy and the history of Qatar’s oil and gas exploration. 
The playground will be designed for families to engage in inter-generational kinetic play activities; from the extraction of crude oil and natural gas, through to their processing and even the by-products which, in turn, benefit today’s societies. The playground can be entered from various pathways – enabling a “choose your own adventure” experience and will ultimately engage, inform and inspire visitors to learn about the future of renewable and non-renewable energy.