Conservator handling a gold bracelet

Heritage and Conservation

Visitors to the National Museum of Qatar enjoy the results of meticulous behind-the-scenes efforts by local and international specialists to conserve and restore important objects and artefacts that embody Qatar’s unique heritage.

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NMoQ’s collection features an impressive array of archaeological and heritage objects, manuscripts, documents, photographs, jewellery and costume that illustrate Qatar’s past, present and future. Contextualised within the museum’s immersive galleries, the objects help tell the nation’s sweeping story in three distinct chapters – Beginnings, Life in Qatar, and Building the Nation.

We have worked with teams of experts from Qatar and around the world to restore, protect and preserve each of the objects at the National Museum that help tell the overarching story of Qatar, its people and our place in the world.

Dr. Haya Al Thani, Director, Curatorial Affairs

Conservator checking a round gold object

A team of local and international experts worked intensively to preserve and prepare historically significant objects for display at the National Museum, combining a deep knowledge and understanding of Qatari traditions alongside expertise in the latest conservation techniques.

Private Collection Care

Good practice in storing and handling collections can prevent damage and extend their lifespan. These guidelines, commonly used in Museums, have been modified to suit the local climate in Qatar and to be practical for home users.

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