Children reaching out and touching tactile stations with braille and textures at NMoQ

Discovery Programmes

Discovery Programmes are designed around the idea that students learn best through hands-on, interactive activities. Our current offerings are tailored to the needs of specific grade levels.

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Primary Grades

Precious Plants: K–Grade 2

This workshop – which includes drawing and colouring – brings students on a fascinating journey into the natural world to see local plants and learn about their names and their many uses.

Cross-curricular Links: Science, Math, Art

Capacity: 30 students

Available: Sundays 9–11.30am

Themes: Natural History, Adaptation, Healthy Living

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Lulu (Pearl) Hunt: Grades 3–6

Why are pearls and pearling so important in Qatari history? What role does the sea play in everyday life? Discover the answers through engaging storytelling and object handling sessions. Join us to create a collaborative model to honor the efforts of pearl divers.

Cross-curricular Links: History, Science

Capacity: 30 students

Available: Mondays 9–11.30am

Themes: Pearling, Life at Sea, Trade, Dhows, Pearl Bed Map

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Middle & Secondary Grades

Finding Your Way: Grades 7–9

How did Qatari people find their way in the past? How did they navigate through the sea and desert? Students in this programme will discover ancient navigation systems based on star constellations, then design their own compasses based on mathematic calculations.

Cross-curricular Links: Math, Geography

Capacity: 30 students

Available: Wednesdays 9–11.30am

Themes: Navigation, Constellations, Compass, Directions

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All Roads Lead to Qatar: Grades 9–12

What is the importance of archaeological excavations? How can they be used to learn about the history of an area? What can they tell us about trade connections and ways of life in the past? What kinds of things will archaeologists of the future find from our contemporary life? Students will make and display artwork using the objects from today’s life in Qatar, which will be inspired by the works of contemporary artist Gabriel Orozco.

Cross-curricular Links: History, Art, Science

Capacity: 30 students

Available: Thursdays 9–11.30am

Themes: Archaeology, Trade, Civilisations

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