The inside of a cafe is shown, ceilings are slanted, seats are striped white and black material and booths are curved in shape, golden colour.

Café 875

Located on the mezzanine, Café 875 is a must-visit for anyone exploring the National Museum of Qatar.

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Café 875 offers visitors a chance to experience the unique majlis experience: a traditional setting based on the nomadic lifestyle and enduring hospitality of Qatar's people. Designed by award-winning Koichi Takada Architects, and incorporating design elements by young Qatari artist Bouthayna Al Muftah, Café 875 is inspired by traditional Qatari gold jewellery. The number ‘875’ represents a rare grade of fineness, or purity of gold. Local and international flavours, coffee, snacks and meticulously crafted meals all feature on the café menu.


Saturday to Thursday: 9am–7pm
Friday: 1:30pm–7pm

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