The inside of a cafe is shown, ceilings are slanted, seats are striped white and black material and booths are curved in shape, golden colour.

Café 875

Located on the mezzanine, Café 875 is a must-visit for anyone exploring the National Museum of Qatar (NMOQ).

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Café 875 offers visitors a chance to experience the unique majlis experience: a traditional setting based on the nomadic lifestyle and enduring hospitality of Qatar's people. Designed by award-winning Koichi Takada Architects, and incorporating design elements by young Qatari artist Bouthayna Al Muftah, Café 875 is inspired by traditional Qatari gold jewellery. The number ‘875’ represents a rare grade of fineness, or purity of gold. Local and international flavours, coffee, snacks and meticulously crafted meals all feature on the café menu.

Special operating hours will be in effect at our museums, galleries, shops, restaurants and cafés 1 November–20 December.

Special Operating Hours

Sunday through Saturday: 10am–10pm

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